Attila Hazay

Born in 1976. He comes from eastern Slovakia, from a town called Humenné where he grew up until he finished his high school studies. He started taking photographs in year 1998 while on a student internship in Latin America, but his engagement with photography became more intense after year 2004. Four years later, he has become student at the Institute of Creative Photography at Silesian University, from which he has graduated with his final thesis “Historical photography techniques in contemporary Czech photography”. He is presently living and working in Prague.


Hunters and collectors

Hunters and collectors is photographic portfolio that has been named after and inspired directly by stories of Slovak writer Michal Hvorecký(1976) corresponding to the idea that behavior of people in shopping malls sometimes reminds us of the fact that „at core, we have still remained being Hunters and collectors“. Array of photographs which belong to documentary by genre was created in 2007 using 35mm film and was presented to the admissions committee during talent entry examinations to the Institute of Creative Photography. Quotations from a story by the aforementioned literary author which are handwritten into the photographs make them more dynamic and more or less correspond with picture’s sujet. People in the photographs are anonymous and in the moment of taking them, they did not even know that they were photographed.

Street art portraits

An anonymous artist installs real size persons‘ portraits in public places across different parts of Prague. We do not know in particular who he is or where and when other installments will appear. What remains is seeking and finding new pieces. A photographer steps in and discovers these portraits often in street corners, on walls near subway, but also near shopping centers and generally in the street. He brings himself within and other people too (sometimes even dogs) to have himself and others portrayed near such installments. The process is reversed. Communication between photographer and anonymous street artist begins throughout a photograph itself.

The final countdown

Journey like symbol of life itself, like synonym of a man’s destiny. Footstones and guard posts near the road, sometimes directly on it as obstructions. Comprehensive portfolio named “The final countdown” works with symbolic of life as journey and it basically says that everything and everyone, individuals as wells as whole civilizations have it counted down. The time is set and no one knows for how long. Everything yields the end and at the same time every ending is also beginning. Like number zero which is not actually a number. Like alfa and omega at the same time. All photographs have been taken using pinhole camera and medium format film without digital manipulation.